About Us

Coconut is our attempt to offer lovers of table tennis an alternative option to the existing traditional paddles that you see in today’s marketplace.  

Starting with a piece of clay in our kitchen we’ve created, prototyped and market tested dozens of Coconut paddles in an effort to bring you the finished product you see today. We create each blade out of blonde 3 ply bamboo wood.  The Coconut handle consists of an amber edge grain bamboo wood.  After the wood is trimmed to shape we brand each paddle with our logo and hand cut/apply a black long pimpled rubber so that your Coconut is available for immediate play (the rubber is applied with speed glue so if you wear it out or would like to replace it with a different rubber this can be done with ease).  We also place a custom foam insert into each side of the handle to facilitate comfort for individuals of all hand sizes (fits both left and right handed players). 

Coconut is our invention, it’s our creative way to bring something new to an already existing sport.  The traditional table tennis paddle utilizes a club style handle grip, and what we’ve done is implemented a precision style handle grip.  This handmade paddle affords players the opportunity to experience table tennis in an entirely different and very cool way.

Alex & Tom, Co-Founders